Photos and Framed Pictures in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: St. Anthony of Padua

photo in a bottle
Height Bottle Markings
13" pale green glass oval quart, seams on the sides, a number 37 in a circle stamped into the bottom
Description, including signature and date

The frame has tin corners which are tacked onto the wooden frame. The frame sits on an easel, at the top of which are hanging two tiny tin crosses. The picture, a devotional card showing Saint Antoine de Padoue (St. Anthony of Padua), has slipped in the frame somewhat. The card was printed in "Marianapoli, die 29 Octobris 1903 Zoticus, ep. Poglensis V.G." The back of the card has a prayer in French, English and German for gaining a plenary indulgence at the hour of death. The bottle is signed L. Mercure and dated twice: Jan. 2 1915 and "rebuilt April 9, 1924". It came from the upper peninsula of Michigan.