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Bottle markings
8 3/8" square; "Stearns' Fine Perfumes Detroit Mich" on the bottom The contents of this bottle are simple but very well carved and painted. There is a niddy-noddy construction which is interlocked with a cross-cut saw (with a real metal blade) and an ax. The saw is dark red, the ax gold and silver and black, and the niddy-noddy is gold. The best feature of this bottle is the carved stopper. Whittled out of one piece, the center has a white cross with a black ring around it. The top is dark red, and the stopper itself is a dark gold. (Full length picture and closeup of stopper)
10 7/8" round liquor bottle; "Federal law forbids the sale or reuse of this bottle" This bottle contains a collection of crudely carved tools. The notable feature of this bottle is not the fineness of the carving but the labels written on the tools. The hammer is inscribed in pencil "WPA Hammer", and other tools are similarly identified. The square stopper, which has lost its cross piece to anchor it, is inscribed on the shaft: "Not made in Russia" on one side, "God Bless America" on another, and "Wm Anderson Faribault" on another. (Full length picture and closeup)
6-7" flask; no markings This bottle contains a cross-cut saw and sawbuck. Standing on the sawbuck are two carved boxers with articulated arms. It is not signed or dated. (Full length image)
9" round bottle, no markings Hanging from a double-pegged stopper are a coffin and a sign. The sign reads "The Old Lady Sleeps Above" on one side and on the other this poem: "This is the hatchet and this is the saw that cut the two legs off my mother-in-law." At the bottom of the bottle is a hatchet, cross-cut saw and sawbuck. It is not signed or dated. (Full length image)
7" flask, no markings The main contents of this bottle are a sawbuck, saw and log, but the best part of the bottle is the carved hand on the bottom of the stopper, pointing down. It is not signed or dated. (Full length image)
11" quart bottle, no markings This bottle contains a sawbuck and saw, but also two paper ribbons inscribed on one side "For Alderman 9th Ward Cliff Hogan" and on the other "Brown for Mayor." The bottle was found in Kansas City, MO, but cursory research has not produced information on these people. (Full length image)
9" round bottle with stars embossed on the glass; no writing This colorful bottle contains a saw and other tools, and a ladder painted red and white stripes. (Full length picture)
6 1/2" flask; "One Pint" on a metal band at the bottom, "Wisconsin" and "Federal Law forbids...." on the glass This bottle contains a simple cross-cut saw. (Full length picture)
11" thin square bottle, no markings This bottle may have been made by the same artist who made some of the wishing well bottles; its distinguishing feature is the stopped which is a carved hand holding a dumbbell. The sawbuck is decorated with fancy tinfoil like the wishing wells, and the stopper has a Victorian lady's head sticker. The main contents are a sawbuck with saw and log. (Full length image)
5" small flask, half pint? "Old Quaker" embossed on the glass. This small bottle contains a simple whittled sword blade, coming down from the stopper. (Full length image)

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