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Bottle markings
10 1/2" (minus the bottle) bottle broken; contents only Four bakers, whtintype.htmlts are missing, work at ovens while rows of rolls and breads line the front counter. There is even a wedding cake with a bride and groom on top. The sign over the bakery reads "P. Boevers Bakery". The construction is signed on the bottom: "Carl Wörner Maker" and also "Gemacht bei Hermann Domke Bäkergeselle" ("made at the home of Hermann Domke, journeyman baker"). It is dated "1907/2". (Full length picture)
11 3/8" rectangular; embossed "Quart Full Measure" A bartender and two patrons stand in the "John Neubauer SALOON". There are two rows of liquor bottles and labels in the bar and four trees at the sides. Although there is no sign saying "Find the Missing Man" as some bar bottles have, there is a "missing man" under the floor. The construction is signed on the back: "Carl Worner". This bottle is not dated but can be placed in Chicago, c1900-1920, where the Neubauer saloon was. (Full length picture)
c 18" large selzer bottle This Carl Worner saloon has several patrons. A sign on the right side of the bar is a German poem, and a sign on a crate in front says "Bottle Bier". On the left side are stairs leading down below the bar floor, where there are two men, one at a urinal and the other seated. The bottle is signed on the back: "Carl Warner Maker 205 S. Desplaines St.." a street in Chicago. (Full picture, the poem, and closeups)
11" quart with fancy embossed fluting around the neck. This saloon scene is another made by Carl Worner, signed but not dated. It has the bartender and two patrons in the bar, and a sign over the bar "M. Salzman Co. SALOON" At the bottom of the bar is a sign "Find the Missing Man," and there is a man hidden under the floor in a tiny bathroom. There was an M. Salzman Co., makers of overalls, in Chicago during the relevant period, but no Salzman saloon in Chicago or St. Louis. However, there was a Max Salzman saloon in Newark, NJ, from 1914-1916. (Full length picture)
11 1/2" quart with decorative fluting on the shoulder; HARTMAN on one side This is yet another unsigned Carl Worner saloon bottle with "Find the Missing Man" written on a sign at the bottle of the bar. The insides are nearly the same as the bottle above, but there are decorative "Victorian cutouts" of flowers on either side of the bar and on the piece below the floor. I have not succeeded in finding out what city had a Hartman liquor company. (Full length and closeup)
c11 1/2" quart or fifth, Joseph Maserang Drug Co., St. Louis embossed in the glass This unsigned bottle by Worner is labeled above the bar "Henry Eiler's Saloon." With the bottle itself labeled St. Louis, we found a Henry Eilers with a saloon in St. Louis from 1914 into the 1920's. The saloon was at 5651 Easton Ave. and a Charles J. Warner, no job listed, was living five blocks away from 1916 until 1918 (St. Louis city directories). (Full length picture and closeup)
19" 2 gallon bottle, no markings This unusual bottle by Worner shows a cigar factory. The sign at the top reads "Manufacturer of High Grade Cigars - hand made cigars only," and a sign at the bottle reads "Smoke a Good Cigar Every Day You Have No Doctor Bill to Pay." Two men are sitting at a table rolling cigars, sitting on crates of Havana tobacco leaf. All around them are hanging bunches of tobacco. The bottle is signed on the bottom: "Carl Warner New York Chicago Illinois" but is not dated. (Full length and closeup)
7-8" tall, c5" wide,
1 3/4" deep
flat rectangular bottle, no markings This unsigned Worner bottle shows a meat market with a sign "Meat Market" at the top and "Fresh Meat Every Day" at the bottom. The backing of the market stall is a piece of paper, like all other Warner scene bottles, on which is written three words, partially obscured by the upright support piece. The third line is probably Newark (what shows is NEW RK) (Full length image and closeup)
10 3/4" tall,
3 3/4" wide,
2" deep
rectangular bottle, not a full quart? This unsigned Worner saloon bottle follows the same design as the others: a bar, two patrons, and "Find the Missing Man." The sign above the bar says "M. Rummel Saloon." A sticker glued on the inside of the back says "Headquarters Newark Curling and Quoiting Club." The supports are decorated with green glitter. It might have been made for Michael Rummel who had saloons in Newark NJ from 1911 to 1916. (Full image and closeup)
c11" slightly oval quart This bottle was made by Carl Worner in St. Louis in 1915. It features the shoe shop of Rudolph Casper and Adolphe Gloor and shows two shoe-makers at work. Behind them is a sewing machine and above their heads is a shelf of shoes. Shoes also hang from the walls. The construction is signed on the back: "Carl Worner", and dated 1915 (Closeup image and signature)

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