Fans in Bottles

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Bottle markings Description (click on small picture to see larger pictures and closeups)
9 3/8" square fifth or quart; no markings This bottle contains a ladder-like construction with several fans and carved birds. At the top of the ladder is a sign inscribed "Montrose House". Attached to the stopper is another sign with "Mary Moritz 1892" on one side and "Henry Boicz(?) Moritz" on the other. This bottle is similar to bottles signed by Adam Selick and is attributed to him. (Full image, closeup and links to other Selick bottles)
10" high (bottle alone is 9"),
3 1/2" in diameter
round bottle, no markings; lots of bubbles in the pale green glass This bottle contains a single fan on a long whittled central shaft, and two smaller fans on shorter carved shafts on the sides. The bottle is pale green glass with many bubbles. (Full image)
fat fifth or quart, like perhaps a brandy bottle, round This construction seems to have been made purely for the puzzle of it. The base structure consists of two cross pieces, nicely decorated with red and blue dots, and pillars coming up from the ends to support a second cross. The pillars are whittled like turnings. Three spread fans sit inside the structure; they are woven with pink ribbons. (Full length picture)
6" round, no markings The construction in this bottle is onsists of two levels of framework, each supporting four fans, and a larger fan in the center. It is not whittled and painted. The fans are also unpainted and have no ribbons. (Full length picture)
8" round, 500 ml stamped in glass The construction in this bottle is similar to the two other structures with fans, abovglendura.htmllacking the upright pillars at the ends of the base pieces. Instead, it has tassles hanging from the ends of the cross pieces and a shaft up the middle to keep the levels apart. The fans are woven with white and red ribbons and black cord and are decorated in black paint. (Full length image)
7" flask This form is a common one for fan bottles. They are always constructed in flat flasks and have atnchair.html for a base and a single fan on a post, pegged into the base. Sometimes there are a few other things in the bottle, but often not. (Full image)
c10" square quart, no markings This bottle contains fans and carved birds and is attributed to Pennsylvania artist Adam Selick. Although it is not dated as many of his are, and not signed, the birds and the type of bottle used are in keeping with known examples by Selick. (Full length image and links to other known and suspected bottles by Selick)
11" rectangular quart This bottle contains 17 fans painted with red and green accents. The string wound around the stopped goes into the stopper and down into the bottle, holding the construction together and in place. The bottle was found in Ohio and is signed "6:30 PM Sept 13 1944 W H Smith." (Full image)
14" half gallon or selzer bottle, no markings This beautiful example of a fan bottle also has a tramp-art style cross, American flags, artificial flowers and ribbons. (Full length image)
c10" square quart, embossed "Max Klein Wholesale Liquors Allegheny Pa." This is another fans and birds bottle attributed to Adam Selick. It is inscribed to Mary and Alvin Schoch and dated 1893. It is not signed with Selick's name, but it is very much like the others attributed to Selick. (Full length picture and links to other bottles attributed to or signed by Selick)

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