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This page is a short synopsis of the Deupree genealogy, an ongoing attempt to locate all descendants of William Deupree (1759-1854) of Charlotte and Lunenburg Counties, Virginia. He had thirteen children, of whom ten reached maturity and left descendants. Below are the ten children, whom they married, where they settled upon leaving Virginia and some of the major family names. Each of the ten children is traced out four generations over the next ten pages. He wrote the names of his children and several of his grandchildren in a ledger book in the 1840's. He was over 80 years old and had excellent handwriting (one page example).
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Julia Deupree (1782-1857) m. Reuben Chaney. They moved to Callaway Co. MO where many descendants still live. Many of the Chaneys moved to Texas. Other family names include Elam (St. Louis), Tatum (Missouri and California), Bryant, Rice, Peterson, and Loyd.
Mary Deupree (1784-1834) m. John Cheaney (1/2 bro. of Reuben). They moved to Henderson Co., KY. Several descendants moved early to Texas. Other family names include Hopgood, Graves, Bright, Grigsby and Browning.
Thomas Deupree (1786-1825) m. Martha Hatchett and moved to Johnson Co. IN. His descendants spread west to Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, California and Washington. Other names include Cutsinger (Vigo Co. IN), Terman, Betz, Morgan (Oklahoma), and Myers (California).
Susanna Deupree (1788-1814) m. William Crutcher and moved to Madison Co. AL. Many of the Crutcher men were Baptist preachers. Other names include Hatchett, Love, and Farley
William Deupree Jr. (1790-1842) m.(1) Letty Portwood, (2) Elizabeth Moore and moved to Caswell Co., NC. Some of his descendants moved to the Kansas City MO area, and some came back to Virginia, to Danville. Other names include: Jennett, Barnes, Edmondson, Willingham, Gwyn, and Stamps.
Nancy Deupree (1792-1863) m. Harmon Elam and moved to Henderson Co., KY. Some of their descendants moved to Chicago and St. Louis. Other names include McCormick, Norris, Coleman, Wilson and Hicks.
Overton Deupree (1798-1832) m. Mary Cheatham. After his early death, she remarried Daniel Parsons and moved to Clinton Co., MO, taking four of their five children with her. The Parsons clan moved on to Young Co., Texas. Other family names include: Parsons, Edmondson, Hahn, Stephenson (Washington DC), and Burgess (TX).
Amy Deupree (1800-1876) m. Devereaux Foard. They moved first to Henderson Co., KY, and later to Dyer Co. TN. Many still live in western Tennessee. Other family names include Sugg, Hicks, Wells and Curry.
Prudence P. Deupree (1803-1889) m. Coleman O. Lipscomb. They stayed in Charlotte Co. VA although some of their children moved to Henderson Co., KY. Other names include Farley, Crenshaw, Davis (Appomattox Co VA), and Cage.
Moses A. Deupree (1805-1833) m. Lucy Johnston. After his early death, she remarried Thomas J. Morris and moved first to Halifax Co. VA and then to Richmond. Other names in this family include: Smithson, Morris, Rickman, Berkeley, Tuck, and Morton (moved to NC).
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