Photos and Framed Pictures in Bottles

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Bottle markings
9 1/2" round; no markings; very thin glass This nineteenth century bottle has a photograph of a man whose death the bottle probably commemorates. It is framed in a yarn winder construction with tassels. The picture itself is surrounded in heavy silver braid. The back of the picture has a piece of paper with a punched pattern and a qote from Revelation 15:13, "He rests in his labours and his works doth follow him, Dec'd 25th ---" (the rest can't be read) (Full length picture)
8 1/4" screw-top flask with top; "Gibson wine 1 pint" The frame around this picture is made with mortise and tenon joints and pegged. It is held steady by an extension of the stopper, which has a cross-piece to keep it in place. The picture on one side is of a middle-aged couple, and on the other an older couple with a picture of a boy glued on top. (Full length pictures of both sides)
10 3/4" square; glass embossed with "Crigler & Crigler Distillers Covington Ky Union made full quart" The bottom of this bottle contains a floor on which rests a sawbuck, a few "logs", and a crudely carved man and an ax. Behind this is a framed tintype; the frame is a simple notched construction, and the tintype is very dark and hard to see (see closeup at right). The markings on the bottle suggest this was made much later than the tintype itself was made. (Full length picture and closeup of tintype)
c 8" flat flask The frame of this photo has mortise and tenon joints and is additionally held together with twine through hooks on the frame pieces. The picture shows people in a Model T on one side and a girl on the other. The stopper has a crude cross-piece. (Larger picture, both sides)
c8" flat flask This bottle contains a photograph of two women and is framed in a solidly jointed wooden frame, on which is inscribed: July 26 (top) BELIEVE IT (left side) OR NOT (right side) 1934 (bottom). It is signed on the back "Happy Vanstry (?) Booneville Miss". The name is hard to read, but it could be Van Story. A William Van Story, blacksmith, was living in Prentiss Co., MS (where Booneville is), with a large family in the 1930 census. (Full length image)
7" flask This elaborately carved wooden frame is painted silver and decorated with yellow-gold ribbons. The picture on the front is Abraham Lincoln, and the picture on the back is presumably the bottle's maker. The picture on the back is very faded. It is not signed, but the bottle came from somewhere in the midwest. (Full image)
11" round quart, no markings This bottle has it all: flags, a big wooden fan, a whittled whimsey hanging from the stopper, and photographs on both sides of the fan. It is signed G. A. Sichngin (?) and is dated June 21, 1914. (Full length image)
8 1/2" jug-style, fifth? bottle covered in buttons and trinkets This unusual bottle not only contains objects - a tintype of a young woman and two crosses flags - but it is covered all except for a window into the inside with buttons and trinkets, an art form known as memory art. The back of the bottle has one larger piece, a wooden outline of a man?, and in the putty above this piece is the date 1923. (Full length pictures)
10" flask-shaped quart or fifth The face of a man looms over the snowy town scene made out of Victorian cutouts and cotton. The scene is built in two layers, behind which are uprights of wood decorated with cutout borders to form a frame around the photograph. The back and sides of the bottle were painted gold, but the paint has chipped off in places. There does not seem to be a signature or identification anywhere on the back of the photo. (Full image)
13" (including the stopper;
10 3/4 without it)
pale green glass oval quart, seams on the sides, a number 37 in a circle stamped into the bottom The frame has tin corners which are tacked onto the wooden frame. The picture, a devotional card showing Saint Antoine de Padoue (St. Anthony of Padua), has slipped in the frame somewhat. The back of the card has a prayer in French, English and German for gaining a plenary indulgence at the hour of death. The bottle is signed L. Mercure and dated twice: Jan. 2 1915 and "rebuilt April 9, 1924". It came from the upper peninsula of Michigan. (Full image and closeup)

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