Fans in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: MWA Fan with Head Stopper

Height Bottle Markings
7 3/8" tall, 3 1/4" wide, 1 1/4" deep short flask, no markings; 2 part mold seams up to the lip
Description, including signature and date
This bottle contains a single fan attached to a cross support piece which is decorated in pencil with dots, branches, and crossed axes. There are some pieces broken at the bottom of the bottle, including a hatchet, and the side of bottle has been broken. The stopper is most unusual: a celluloid head of a black man smoking a cigarette. The fan's support piece bears the initials "MWA", which stands for "Modern Woodmen of America," and is dated 1911. One of the logos of the MWA is a pair of crosses axes. See also the tools bottle with MWA on a log; it also has crossed axes, but it does not appear to have been made by the same maker. The Modern Woodmen of America is an insurance cooperative which was founded in the 19th century.