Fans in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Fans with Figures and Symbols

Height Bottle Markings
9 1/4" tall, 3 5/8" in diamater 2 part mold up to lip; no markings
Description, including signature and date
This bottle contains six fans in three layers on a structure, and in between the fans and on the supporting beams are several carved figures and objects. In between the middle level fans are a woman with a banjo and a man in a striped (prison?) suit. On the beams are a clover, cannon, fish, and the letter R. Carved letters J, A, C, and K are placed around the bottom, and a banner on pink ribbon is spread between the top fans, reading JOHN W. HARMON on one side and HAPPY on the other. The stopper reads No. 4 Harmon.