Fans in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Fans, Birds, and Beads

Height Bottle Markings
8 1/8" tall,
4 " in diameter
jug, embossed on the bottom: S. C. Johnson & Son, Racine Wis., a company better known as Johnson Wax.
Description, including signature and date
This colorful jug bottle contains fans, birds, high button shoes, and beads, both strung and dangling, and glued in the shape of crosses on medallions of wood. At the base of the structure holding the fans, the beads loop through the tops of the medallions with beaded crosses on them. More beads are strung through the top of the structure. At the ends of the cross bar between the fans are two high-button shoes carved of wood (see picture below). The bottom is covered in thin green leather decorated with silver cutouts: a heart, a horseshoe, a star and a diamond. The bottle is signed "Made by J. Lacalski" painted around the top on the outside. The paint is worn off in places. He made a similar, larger bottle and had an imitator.

Fans in Bottles 21 - 30