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Full Pictures and Close-ups: Whimsey House with Huge Stopper

Height Bottle Markings

16" including stopper (bottle alone is c10"),
4 3/4 in diameter
Thin glass bottle, no markings; broken in one place
Description, including signature and date

This bottle is an example of a whittling master's craft. The house in the center is notched and pegged together with whittled locks and decorated around the bottom with dangling whimsey chains. The house turns on a base of four supports, each of which is carved like a gargoyle. A shaft comes down to the roof, connecting it to a massive whittled fist stopper; which holds a stirrup decorated with two whimsey chains. The stopper appears to be one piece of wood. It is signed E. A. Burlingame, Lansing, Mich.

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Scenes and Buildings by Carl Worner