Fans in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Fans and Birds in New Bottle

Size Bottle Markings
8 3/4" high,
3 1/4" square
square fifth, Bombay gin bottle, not original bottle
Description, including signature and date
The bottle for this birds and fans structure broke, and the contents were put into a new gin bottle that is a perfect fit. There are three levels of support pieces, with fans at the ends of the supports and birds on the inside. Each fan is different, although some are broken, and are painted in pale greens and pinks. The birds are blue and white, and the structure itself is decorated in the same green and pale red paint. Another similar bottle has no decoration on the fans, but the birds are the same. These do not appear to be the work of Adam Selick.

Fans in Bottles 31 - 40