Fans in Bottles

Full Pictures and Close-ups: Fans, Roses and Red and Green Dots

Size Bottle Markings
11" tall, including 3/8" stopper,
2 3/4" square
square liquor bottle, no markings
Description, including signature and date
This contents of this bottle are very similar to several other bottles on this website and was surely made by the same artist. It contains a frame structure wound with red and blue ribbon. On the upper level are two red silk roses, and a piece of brocade fabric lines the bottom. One of the other bottles was found at a yard sale on an Indian reservation in western New York, and one is in a bottle from Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in Philadelphia.

Links to the others: Fans and Roses in Round Bottle, Fans in Smaller Square Bottle, Fans in Square Bottle with Pastel Ribbons, Fans in Oval Bottle from Wyeth & Co, and Fans in Square Bottle without Roses.

Three others which have many similar characteristics (fans, dots, ribbons, chip-carved stopper bars) are a Decanter-Style Bottle with Fans, Fans with Flowers and Flags, and Fans with Tassels.

Fans in Bottles 31 - 40