Fans in Bottles

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Bottle markings
4 7/8",
2" wide,
1 1/4" deep
medicine bottle, no markings The bottle contains a single carved fan and a cross-piece through the bottom of the stopper. The fan is carved so thinly that the wood is translucent. There are tiny dots pained in dark brown on the ends of the fan blade. (Full image)
c 10" high, 3" square square quart bottle, no markings This bottle by Adam Selick contains a ladder-like structure with fans carved at the ends of cross posts, and two birds on top. The fans are each different, and the coloring seems to have been done with colored pencils and paint. On top is a small plaque which says "Adam Selick Built 1892." (Full images from three sides, a closeups, and links to the other possible Selick bottles).
8 3/4" high,
3 1/4" square
square fifth, Bombay gin bottle, NOT ORIGINAL BOTTLE The bottle for this birds and fans structure broke, and the contents were put into a new gin bottle that is a perfect fit. There are three levels of support pieces, with fans at the ends of the supports and birds on the inside. Each fan is different, although some are broken, and are painted in pale greens and pinks. The birds are blue and white, and the structure itself is decorated in the same green and pale red paint. It is similar to bottles made by Adam Selick but not signed. (Full image and closeups, including some taken before it was put back in the bottle).
6 1/2" high,
2 9/16" wide, and
3/4" deep
little flask or medicine bottle, no markings This little bottle contains four fans: two on the central post, positioned one above the other, and two small ones, one on each side of the central post. No paint, but no chips or missing pieces of fan. (Full image)
8" tall (including 1/2" stopper),
3 1/2" wide, 1 3/4" deep
pale blue-green flask, no markings There are two fans, one on the bottom of a structure consisting of two posts with a lintel, and the other on the lintel. The fans are decorated with a bit of blue, green and yellow paint and some pencil or pen lines. The structure is also painted in blues, green and white and the ends of the lintel are whittled. Full images, front and back.
11" tall, including 3/8" stopper,
2 3/4" square
square liquor bottle, no markings This is another bottle by the same maker as several others on this website. A simple structure, whittled, painted, and wound with silver cord, holds three fans on two levels, each wound through with satin ribbon and painted with bright dots. Artificial roses are attached on the support pieces in front of the fan arrangements. Full image, closeup, and links to other three bottles by the same artist.
5 1/2" flask shape The simple wooden cross in this bottle is so thin that it is almost obscured behind the carved fans at the top, on the ends of the arms of the cross and at the bottom. The main fan is broken in a few places. (Full length picture)
14" including
with ball-
square "quart" with no markings This colorful Adam Selick bottle features crosses cut from lithographed wood, along with the usual fans and a ladder. The bottle is signed, but not dated. It also has a whittled stopper with a double caged ball, the only known Selick bottle with a fancy stopper. (Full image and links to other known and suspected Selick bottles)
9" square "quart" with no markings Another signed Adam Selick bottle, this one (like the one immediately above) contains carved crosses as well as fans and birds. The fans are less well-made and decorated than in some other Selick bottles. (Full image and links to other known and suspected Selick bottles)
9 1/8" tall, 3 3/16" square no markings, square bottle This Adam Selick bottle was built in 1892 and contains a ladder with birds on it, and several decorated fans. The cross piece of the locking stopper says "BUILT 1892" on one side and "Adam Selick BUILT 1892" on the other. Each of the four fans on top and the two fans at the bottom are carved and decorated differently. (Full image, closeups and links to other Selick bottles)

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