Adam Selick

Carver of Fans and Birds

Although not as prolific as Carl Worner or celebrated in his time as Daniel Rose, the Pennsylvania bottle artist Adam Selick has a significant body of work. He is also proving as elusive in public records as Carl Worner, who has never been found on a census record..htm

Selick's work is not as fine as Rose's nor as detailed and varied as Worner's. He built fans on structures with ladders, birds, and sometimes crosses. He rarely used paint in his bottles, but often used blue pencil. And he sometimes cut his supporting pieces from wood with colorful paper-lithographed designs, adding a bit of color to his usually plain work.

He did not sign all of his bottles, but when he did, it was in a bold hand, "Adam Selick." His dated bottles range from 1884 to 1893, and many (if not all) were made in Pennsylvania. But he was not found in the 1880 census of the United States. That would not be unusual if he were already living on the road, but that much is not known about his life.

He signed one bottle (which is not on this website but is included in the book, Genius in a Bottle): "Built 1891 Built by Adam Selick, Butler Pa Presented by J. A. McCormick for Anne McCormick at MacDonald Pa." Butler, Pennsylvania, is north of Pittsburgh. In a bottle that is almost certainly Selick's, there are the names Henry and Mary Moritz and "Montrose House." There is a Montrose, PA, in the northeastern part of the state. Another bottle has its origins in Emporium, PA, which is a small town in the northern central part of Pennsylvania. Yet another was built in a bottle from Allegheny, which is in the Pittsburgh area.

Along with bottles that are signed by Selick, there are links to some which are obviously his work and others which only may be his. They are similar to each other, but they are all different.

Each of the small details below is linked to a page with a bottle known to be Selick's or strongly suspected to be.

Signed 1892 1892 Not Signed Not Signed Not Signed Signed 1892
Signed, Not Dated Signed, Not Dated Signed 1891 Signed, Not Dated 1890 Not Signed