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The 3-D Experience!

If you have the Quicktime plug-in for your browser, you are able to view 3-D objects made with the Quicktime Virtual Reality software. (If you do not have the plug-in, you can download it from Apple's website.) The 3D movie files are larger than single pictures, but I have made the quality lower in order to make the overall size of the movie smaller. You will still have a somewhat long wait for the movie to download.

I have chosen two bottles to show in this form:

(1) The Carl Worner bakery, which has the unique advantage of being out of its original bottle (which broke). By turning the object around with your mouse, you really get the feel of how Worner constructed his scenes, even though this one is the only one in a horizontal format.

(2) A remarkable religious bottle that has sayings stamped on wooden cutouts going around the bottom on the bottle. It takes three turns to read the entire saying in order, and the carving and decoration in this bottle is exceptional.

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