When you move the mouse over this picture, the cursor turns into a hand. You can use the hand cursor to turn the picture in a complete circle; just hold the mouse down and move the cursor right or left over the picture.

The words written in this bottle read going around the bottom, but you have to turn the bottle several times to read them in order. Starting on the left, and reading around the bottle once, it says "Seek The Lord & Ye Shall Find". Then turn the bottle part of the way back to continue: "Our Saviour". Then turn all the way back around to the left to complete the phrase: "FROM WHENCE ALL BLESSINGS FLOW".

Intersperced are the phrases "Faith Hope Charity", "Read the HOLY BIBLE" and "Seek the Truth.".

Across the top of the cross in front, it reads "HE DIED FOR US" and on the back, "Forgive & Be Forgiven."

In the same printed letters, the bottle is signed on the bottom "A. H. LEMAY 10 8 1923".

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