This page is the launchpad to many aspects of my life and many of my interests. From here you can navigate to:

Folk Art: This series of pages deals with the kind of folk art sculpture which was assembled inside of glass bottles. There are a surprising number of different subjects, from religious themes to chairs. You'll find articles, history, and LOTS of pictures here.

Deupree Family: For over thirty years I have researched the ancestry and generations of descendants of the Deupree family who lived in Lunenburg County, Virginia, in the eighteenth century. In this series of pages, I will give background on the family and more detailed four-generation outlines of descendants of William Deupree (1759-1854) for each of his children, in both the male and female lines.

Paper Antix: In 1990, I took a summer school class at State University of New York - Purchase in bookbinding. This started a love affair with making books and boxes. In 2004, a friend and I started Paper Antix for doing a few craft fairs a year and launched the website. Check out our beautiful books, albums, boxes and more!

Mox Graphics: I had a short fling as a professional web designer, but I am still willing to undertake graphics work of all kinds: scanning (slides, prints and text), page layout, transcription of written documents to digital, web pages, and design. This site has some of my experiments in Photoshop and Javascript.

About The Author: This page has a little bit about myself, my goals, and my interests. I will keep it updated with good quotations from good books. I will also link here to the web pages of my very talented family, who include musicians, artists, computer programmers, antique dealers, and great minds!


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